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PR1ME Capital participates with capital investments in around 50% of the executed transactions. We seek strategic partners that add value for participating investors in the corresponding industries. We are specialized in sectors such as health, pharmaceutical, real estate and financial services, among others.

PR1ME CAPITAL participates as an advisor or as an investor in transactions that exceed US $ 500 million.

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Financial Advisory Services

PR1ME CAPITAL’s advisory services are focused on M&A transactions, disinvestment strategies and financial restructurings and capital raising processes. Our service model seeks to align interests with our clients adding value to both parties, thus, enhancing long term commercial relationships.

PR1ME CAPITAL advises and invests in medium and large companies, that range from family-owned or private, to listed entities. As well, high net worth individuals are part of our client base, and we participate as advisors and/or co-investors with them. Our main advisory services are.

Sale of Petrochemical Plant

We advised a private equity fund focused on distressed assets in the sale execution process for one of its main assets (a petrochemical plant, leader in Mexico) which was part of its portfolio.

USD $70,000,000

Acquisition of Pharmaceutical Products/Brands (RX)

Assessment and structuring in the acquisition by a Mexican private company of a couple of two key pharmaceutical products/brands (RX), being the buyer an international laboratory.

MXN $20’000,000

Sale of Pharmaceutical Products

Advising and structuring in the divestment process for a Mexican private company regarding several pharmaceutical products (OTC) leaders in their respective categories for Mexico and the United States, having as a buyer a company listed on the Mexican Stock Exchange.

MXN $515’000,000

Sale of Brand Portfolio

Advising and structuring in the divestment process of a brand portfolio of healthcare products having as a buyer, a company listed on the Mexican Stock Exchange. The transaction represented the biggest acquisition of the year, regarding this type of asset.

MXN $1’100,000,000

Debt Restructure

We advised a Mexican company leader in the steel distribution sector in the restructuring process of 80% of its debt.

Acquisition of a Credit Portfolio

We advised, structured and co-invested, along with a private equity fund, in the acquisition of a credit portfolio property of HSBC, generating a profitability +22% (annual) for our investors.

MXN $325’000,000

Investment in a Pharmaceutical Distribution Company

Advised, structured and financed and co-invested with a foreign private equity fund in the acquisition of a majority stake in a leading pharmaceutical distribution company in Mexico.

MXN $2’930,000,000

Sale of Key Cinematographic Assets

We advised, structured and executed the divestment process of a one-of-a-kind movie portfolio of Mexican golden age movies, being the buyer a telecom and media industry leader, listed in the Mexican Stock Exchange.

MXN $806’000,000

Real Estate Investment in Riviera Maya

Advised, structured and co-invested with a Mexican private equity fund in the restructure and divestment process of a real estate property located in Riviera Maya’s prime hotel zone.

USD $100’000,000 

Strategic alliances

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