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PR1ME CAPITAL is a financial advisory boutique focused on providing investment banking services. Our goal is to create value for our clients by designing, structuring and executing investment strategies and financial transactions.

As well, PR1ME Capital participates with equity investments in around 50% of the executed transactions. In such cases, we seek for strategic partners who by means of their experience in the corresponding industries, add value for participating investors. PR1ME Capital started with a broad scope, notwithstanding, the acquired experience allowed us to develop specialization and deep industry knowledge in sectors such as: health services, pharma, real estate and financial assets, among others.

PR1ME CAPITAL has participated, either as an advisory, or as an investor in transactions that exceed Us$500 million.

Financial Advisory Services

PR1ME CAPITAL’s advisory services are focused on M&A transactions, disinvestment strategies and financial restructurings and capital raising processes. Our service model seeks to align interests with our clients adding value to both parties, thus, enhancing long term commercial relationships.

PR1ME CAPITAL advises and invests in medium and large companies, that range from family owned or private, to listed entities. As well, high net worth individuals are part of our client base, and we participate as advisors and/or co-investors with them. Our main advisory services are:

Active Investments

Success stories

Advice and structuring of the sale of a trademark portfolio of personal care products having as a buyer a Mexican company listed on the BMV.

The operation represented the largest acquisition for that type of assets in the year.

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Strategic alliances

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Boutique law firm specialized in structuring and executing transactions.