Luis Doporto Alejandre presented the prizes for the First Great Agro-industry Pr1me Capital Challenge 2019

Pr1me Capital’s Founding Partner, Luis Doporto Alejandre, Awards Student Winners to Support Mexican Avocado Projects.

Doporto Pr1me Capital will finance the finalist projects to formalize them as business plans, and the team members will be able to join in the implementation and execution, in addition to seeking patents to protect their commercialization.

A collaboration agreement was also signed with the Instituto Tecnológico Superior de Uruapan in order to develop research projects for avocado products.

Doporto Pr1me Capital, Guacamolito and the Instituto Tecnológico Superior de Uruapan (ITSU) held the First Great Agro-industry Challenge Pr1me Capital 2019 award ceremony, which recognizes the best projects to transform and take advantage of avocado waste.



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