New members are integrated to the Advisory Council of the Faculty of Bioethics of the Anáhuac University

Consejo Asesor, Luis Doporto Alejandre

The Faculty of Bioethics of the Universidad Anáhuac México appointed the new members of its Advisory Council for the period 2019-2022, which met in full on Thursday, November 7. In this session, the Council integrated the four new counselors, who, being outstanding professionals in their sector, will add both their experience and their leadership to strengthen the mission of the faculty, aimed at achieving greater service to the community.

Manuel H. Ruiz de Chávez Guerrero
Medical surgeon graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the UNAM, Master of Science in Social Medicine from the School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine of the University of London, United Kingdom; With a long history in the health sector and in different positions in the Mexican government. He is currently President of CONBIOETICA / National Bioethics Commission. He has been a great promoter of the National Network of Training in Bioethics and the creation and consolidation of masters and doctorates in institutions of higher education at national level, as well as teacher and coordinator of courses and diplomas in various instances of this discipline. Member of numerous academies of Medicine and Health Sciences. He has received awards, distinctions and awards during his long career. He is the author of more than 200 publications in the field of research, teaching and dissemination.

Jennifer Hincapié Sánchez
PhD in Philosophy, Associate Professor “C” of the Faculty of Medicine of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), Coordinator of the Institutional Ethics and Bioethics Program FACMED. Responsible for the Field of Knowledge of Bioethics of the Master’s and Doctorate Program in Medical, Dental and Health Sciences of the Faculty of Medicine UNAM and candidate for Member of the National System of Researchers of CONACyT in Mexico (SNI). Master and graduate in Philosophy from the Universidad del Valle de Cali – Colombia. Individual member of the Latin American and Caribbean Federation of Bioethics Institutions (FELAIBE) and member of the Ibero-American Network of Health Law. In addition, she is a writer and author of various publications related to bioethics and forensic science.

Luis Doporto Alejandre
Mexican entrepreneur, founding partner of Pr1me Capital, a firm that offers consulting services in investment banking, and Doporto Abogados, a boutique firm specialized in the structuring and execution of transactions. He is also a partner of the Guacamolito and Golden Stone companies dedicated to the production of avocado and its derivatives, which are positioned as innovative Mexican companies in the agribusiness sector.

José Alberto Castillo Barajas
Surgeon from the Universidad Anáhuac México, master in Bioethics. Currently, he is coordinator of the Leadership Program in ALPHA medicine at the same university and is studying for a PhD in Applied Bioethics. Among his publications are those made through the Journal of Gastroenterology of Mexico.

Dr. Antonio Cabrera Cabrera, L.C., Director of the Faculty of Bioethics of the Universidad Anáhuac México, said: “We are very happy for the incorporation of these outstanding professionals to the Faculty Advisory Council. We are sure that your experience and knowledge will be very useful to enrich our work and extend it to other professional areas. ”

The Advisory Council is made up of other graduates of the Faculty of Bioethics who contribute their contributions to the projects of the Faculty and interdisciplinary research chairs promoted by various faculties of the University and other international institutions.


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