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All about NEO: what is it and how does it work?

By: Ximena Peinado

Known as the “Chinese Ethereum”, NEO’s cryptocurrency   figures as strong competition to the cryptocurrency it resembles. This cryptocurrency has the ability to deploy smart contracts and decentralized applications.

In addition to having a distributed storage system and a stable consensus protocol. Today, the price of this currency fluctuates around 20 US dollars.

NEO history

The idea for this cryptocurrency started in February 2014 when Erik Zhang and Hongfei Da created Antshares. A platform with the  same capabilities of Ethereum and other additional and superior ones in terms of smart contracts and their transactions. On top of that, Neo wants to reach a new level of interoperability and migration capabilities between private and public block chains.

In 2017 Antshares changed its name to NEO and began to have close relationships with the government of China and other Asian governments, in addition to having the support of Microsoft China. 

In a January speech this year, Chinese President Xi Jinping declared blockchain technology “a major breakthrough.” The Chinese leader promised that China would not stand by, but rather accelerate the adoption of the blockchain. The support was so important that it consequently caused the price of NEO to increase by 100% in the first weeks of 2020.

Although it is similar in certain ways to other cryptocurrencies, these are the characteristics that make it unique.

  1. Indivisible: this cryptocurrency is more like traditional goods, so it cannot be transferred in fractions or parts. That is, it is impossible to transfer 0.5 NEO, for example.
  2. Additional Crypto Asset: To power the network and pay fees on the NEO network, there is the additional crypto asset called GAS. The latter is divisible up to 0.00000001.
  3. Supports Different Programming Languages: Unlike Ethereum, which only has one coding language, NEO allows developers to use different languages ​​like C #, Java and Go to code smart contracts.
  4. Open network: any asset can be digitized (real estate, for example).
  5. Algorithm and fast transactions: The algorithm can be adjusted to have performance close to 1000 transactions per second (TPS) and even reach 10,000 TPS with sufficient optimization. The highest known transaction cap on this blockchain is over 2400 TPS.
  6. Powerful cryptography: NEO has a cryptographic system that is resistant to quantum computing, so it has a high level of security.

Despite its attractive attributes, NEO is practically unknown in the West, so there is little technical information in English or Spanish. Furthermore, it does not have a high level of decentralization that guarantees more community governance.

All About Neo What Is It And How Does It Work 1

However, experts share the opinion that it could be a good option for a long-term investment. Although it is impossible to make 100% reliable and trustworthy predictions, NEO shows convincing signs of a positive year ahead with its focus on technological advancements and its increased scalability and transaction speed.

Beyond the major political events mentioned before, the release of an updated version of NEO 3.0 is expected in this year. This could further increase the popularity of NEO, as a development platform and with the ability to allow other digital currencies to circulate on its technology.

This new version of the platform will be more developer-friendly, optimizing its core architecture. This will help build a powerful and stable smart contract system, capable of providing a comprehensive development environment with the tools and projects in the ecosystem.

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We already talked about  Ether ( Ethereum)  that gives us the possibility of leaving instructions on how you want a  certain amount to move periodically instantly.

In addition to telling you about the  RIPPLE XRP cryptocurrency ,  known as the bank’s cryptocurrency , which unlike others, is centralized, objectionable and has its own RPCA algorithm (Ripple protocol consensus algorithm).

We learned that  Litecoin  provides faster transaction confirmation times without the need for a software modification.

Not forgetting Dogecoin , the friendly, socially responsible cryptocurrency that has the largest community in the field. Named after the world’s most expensive meme (‘Doge’) featuring a Shiba Inu dog – now the newest coin mascot.

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Dogecoin: the cryptocurrency that was a meme

By: Ximena Peinado

Of all the encrypted currencies on the internet, one of them stands out as the most user-friendly, socially responsible, and the one with the largest community in the field. Its name is DogeCoin and ironically it was named after the most expensive meme in the world (‘Doge’) featuring a Shiba Inu dog– now the new mascot of the coin. 

In reality, the cryptocurrency was born as a kind of joke in 2013, but currently, its value has increased after Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and Space X, had mentioned it was his favourite cryptocurrency on Twitter. Additionally, it had a few moments of fame on TikTok in the month of July of that same year. Today, the currency is equivalent to.0033 US dollars; And before all the events that made it stand out this year, it was worth 0.0023.

DogeCoin the friendly cryptocurrency

The idea for the cryptocurrency was conceived by Bily Markus, an American programmer, and Jackson Palmer, an Australian marketer. The goal of both men was to make fun of cryptocurrencies, and 15 days after launching it, its value had multiplied by 300.

Still, it is far from levelling up with Bitcoin. Both are cryptocurrencies, with the difference that Dodgecoins have no limit and new ones can be created, that is, mined.

However, this coin’s reputation is favourable, since it is known for its sense of community and its charitable works. Not only do they teach beginners the process of their currency step by step, but they also have a huge community of people who answer user questions in specialized forums or in online chats hosted by the company.

Dogecoin managed to build a sustainable and friendly community, Their sustainable community earned DogeCoin a capitalization of over $ 1 billion.

Dogecoin Para Que Sirve Y Cuanto Vale La Criptomoneda Amigable Del Meme

Another of the characteristics that make it stand out is its charitable character throughout the years. For example, they raised $ 50,000 for the Jamaica Bobsled team to go to the Sochi Winter Olympics in 2014 and $ 30,000 to build a well in Kenya’s Tana River basin in the same year. Additionally, retired NASCAR driver Josh Wise received $ 55,000 in dogecoins from cryptocurrency investors.

According to the CryptoChart platform, the use of this currency is common in people creating internet content. The cryptocurrency rating site explains that  Doge has the advantage of being usable all over the internet. They compare it to a more significant ‘like’ or ‘upvote’.

Its market capitalization is $ 412.24 million and there are 126.08 billion coins in circulation.

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We already talked about  Ether ( Ethereum)  that gives us the possibility of leaving instructions on how you want a  certain amount to move periodically instantly.

In addition, we talk about the  RIPPLE XRP cryptocurrency,  known as the bank’s cryptocurrency, which unlike others, is centralized, objectionable and has its own RPCA algorithm (Ripple protocol consensus algorithm).

We learned that Litecoin provides faster transaction confirmation times without the need for a software modification.

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Cryptocurrencies: Litecoin

Litecoin PR1ME Capital Luis Doporto Alejandre CEO Abogado

By: Ximena Peinado

During the first wave of cryptocurrencies, a man from the Ivory Coast named Charlie Lee created the Litecoin cryptocurrency, which resembles its competition, Bitcoin; however these have different parameters.

Today, Litecoin is worth around 62.5 US dollars (1,350 mexican pesos). Litecoin is a global network that allows instant payments (practically free) and an open source, that is, completely decentralized and without authorities that intervene.

One of its main strengths compared to its well-known competition is that it provides faster transaction confirmation times – without the need for a software modification – and improved storage. Additionally, Litecoin handles the blockchain technology that we have talked about in previous chapters.

Unlike Ripple XRP, this cryptocurrency can be mined, which means that transactions for a currency can be validated and processed. Litecoin miners can mine up to 12.5 coins per block. The number of coins that are generated is cut in half every four years (840,000 blocks). Therefore, the Litecoin network is programmed to produce approximately 4 times more currency units than Bitcoin, or close to 84 million litecoins.

To position itself in the market against its strong competitor, Litecoin has other functions that differentiate it. For example, it has a lock time 4 times faster with intervals of 2.5 minutes instead of 10 minutes; a total supply of units four times greater with 84 million coins instead of 21 million and its difficulty changes every 3.5 days compared to every 2 weeks in Bitcoin.

Litecoin history

When Litecoin was launched in 2011, there were already eight other cryptocurrencies that were based on the Bitcoin model. These were Namecoin, Ixcoin, I0coin, Solidcoin V1 & V2, GeistGeld, Tenebrix, and Fairbrix.

Some of them were simple copies of Bitcoin –like Ixcoin with mined coins – others experimented with different lock times and transaction fee structures like Solidcoin, and Namecoin was a bit more evolved and proposed a decentralized domain name service, but suffered from competition with Bitcoin miners.

Tenebrix was the first coin to introduce scrypt proof-of-work, but they previously mined 7.7 million coins, a large chunk of the total supply.

Charlie Lee realized with Ixcoin, GeistGeld and Tenebrix that pre-mined blockchains were less successful as people considered them unfair, leading him to fork Tenebrix and create Fairbrix, a fork of Tenebrix without pre-mine. He didn’t survive long due to various mistakes.

Learning from the experiences of these various currencies and his own, Charlie Lee came up with the current design for Litecoin.

cryptocurrency ltiecoin Doporto PR1ME Capital Cryptocurrencies: Litecoin

Today the company has its non-profit Litecoin Foundation Ltd. with the aim of using Litecoin for the good of society through the development and promotion of blockchain technologies.

Litecoin has also been involved in the educational field directly, since it has a website where you can find guides and classes that teach the public about its cryptocurrency, blockchain technology and the operations and procedures of the company’s electronic currency.

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We already talked about Ether ( Ethereum) that gives us the possibility of leaving instructions on how you want a  certain amount to move periodically instantly.

In addition to telling you about the RIPPLE XRP cryptocurrency , known as the bank’s cryptocurrency , which unlike others, is centralized, objectionable and has its own RPCA algorithm (Ripple protocol consensus algorithm).

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Ripple XRP PR1ME Capital Luis Doporto Alejandre CEO México

By: Ximena Peinado

The RIPPLE XRP cryptocurrency was created in 2012 with the same goal as its competitors: to eliminate friction in payments and to allow financial institutions to send money across borders, instantly, reliably and for fractions of a penny.

This encrypted currency belongs to the RippleNet platform, which, unlike Bitcoin or Ethereum, is centralized, objectionable and has its own technology known as RPCA (Ripple Protocol Consensus Algorithm). Another differentiating feature is that it does not compete directly with fiat currencies, as Bitcoin does.

Fiat currencies are those that in themselves are worth nothing, however they have the value that is arbitrarily assigned by consensus.

More about XRP

XRP cryptocurrency is known as the cryptocurrency of banks. The Ripple protocol is intended to be a complement to the current banking system, where it helps international transfers to transform from fiat money, gold and even airline miles.

The goal behind its design was to make such transactions with XRP faster, cheaper and more scalable than with any other digital asset. Today, this cryptocurrency is worth around £ 0.269 ($ .32).

Currently, RippleNet has more than 300 financial institutions in 40 countries and 6 continents as clients, which helps to grow their business and position money in the same way in which information moves today, a concept that company called Internet of Value.

In other words, there is no need for a “trusted” entity to mediate, carry out and confirm transactions.

The idea for Ripple was thought of in 2004, but it wasn’t until 2012, when Jed McCaleb invited a group of investors, that it was officially founded. Chris Larsen was one of these early investors and is one of the richest people involved in the crypto world.

For the exchange of assets there is another platform called Swift, which also has a system that is based on banks having separate accounts in all the countries in which they operate. However, Ripple has other advantages such as low commissions in currency exchange and offers much faster transactions than other cryptocurrencies.

Advantages of RIPPLE XRP

The average time of a transaction can be 1,500 to 50 thousand transactions per second. By comparison, Bitcoin only has a speed of three to six transactions per second.

In addition to this, RippleNet surpasses Swift for being specialized in banks and financial institutions. It also has the XRapid innovation, which facilitates payments to suppliers and banks by connecting world currencies with XRP as a bridge asset, thus causing the speed of international transactions.

Another difference it has compared to Bitcoin is that there are no miners in Ripple. That is, there can be no new XRP because there is a unique consensus mechanism distributed across a network of servers to validate that all XRPs are pre-prepared. Mining cryptocurrencies does not mean making new crypto coins; This is how the set of processes necessary to validate and process the transactions of a cryptocurrency is done. In the case of Bitcoin, mining is validating and recording the transactions of the blockchain.

In addition, Ripple has more units than its direct competitor, since while Bitcoin has only a supply of 12 million units, Ripple has 100 billion pre-mined coins.

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